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Dual Sport

Folks, we are going to deal with a very broad subject here... Dual Sport !
Really, Dual Sport is as varied as the individual looking at the topic. The good news is that in Dual Sport, everyone is right. There is no wrong way to Dual Sport. It's really whatever floats your boat.


Over the years I have seen varied postings on the different email lists about what Dual Sport is and what Dual Sport is not. I guess you could consider me a Dual Sport Progressive. My viewpoint is, if you are out there spending part of your time on the tarmac and part of the time off the tarmac then that's Dual Sport.


I don't know, maybe there's something wrong with me but I can do all kinds of Dual Sport and have fun doing it. Dual Sport may be the most enjoyable form of motorcycling. It's certainly a well kept secret because there really aren't that many of us Dual Sport types. At least not yet.


Have you heard the saying "The Journey Is The Destination"? That's the way I describe Dual Sport. It doesn't really matter the model of motorcycle your are riding. As long as it can safely get you into, through and out of an given route, it's an adequate motorcycle for Dual Sport.


I feel so blessed to have so many memories derived from Dual Sport. I'll never forget that morning that a buddy and I were going over Hagerman Pass on our R11GS bikes and before we got off that mountain there was over a foot of snow on the trail.... in the middle of July. Later that afternoon we were parked at the Greystone Mine site on the Bolam Pass route. (This is the area that the yellow cake was mined for the atomic bombs used at the end of World War II) It was just a fantastic day of Dual Sport. I could go on for hours. The exhileration of going down Red Cone. The challenge of getting over Pearl Pass. The adrenaline pump resulting from negotiating Elephant Hill in Utah.


One can enjoy dual sport riding just about anywhere. It's a great way to get an attitude adjustment. Trek Now!

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