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TrekNow G-Guides are now available for specific areas. If there is a Route Id defined on any of the web pages then that particular route has a G-Guide for it. New routes are being added on a daily basis. If there is a route name but no Id then that means the route is being worked on. The following is a list of routes available now:
There are some good freeware software programs for communicating with your GPS. Go to the following sites to load down your copy of G7toWin & Waypoint+:

A G-Guide is a set of files compatible with specific products that can be used to transfer route information to a GPS. Each state will be subdivided by areas for individual CDROM releases. Each G-Guide route is composed of navigational waypoints, and track log points for the entire route.

Well... it’s really about getting into and out of some of the most beautiful country in the whole wide world with the aid of an electronic Global Positioning System and data that is loaded into the GPS which acts as a guide.

It’s about saving you time and providing a proven electronic guide that you can depend on.

The routes, waypoints and track log points for all the trails on this site reside in a commercial grade database that is constantly being updated. From this database we can create routes composed of waypoint and track log files for each of the trails.

What we are providing are accurate data about these trails in a format that will save you, the user, many hours of preparation and data entry. Also, we will be enhancing the use of this data to take advantage of all the new technology as it becomes available to the back country explorer.

Technical Ratings:

1 - Suitable for a normal passenger vehicle. The road has adequate width and gentle grades. If any exist, the water crossings are shallow.

2 - Dirt roads which might have rocks, steeper grades, ruts and water crossings. These may cause clearance problems for normal passenger vehicles, so a higher clearance vehicle is preferred. Still these roads are wide enough so vehicles can pass.

3 - Any high clearance vehicle is acceptable but 4WDs are preferred. Be prepared for mud and sand and expect a rough road surface. Rocks up to 6 inches in diameter my be encountered. Also be prepared for a loose road surface and shelf type roads. These routes may be wide enough for vehicle passing in most places but pull-offs might be required.

4 - High clearance 4WDs are recommended. Rough road surface with rocks greater than 6 inches in diameter. Mud and sand my be present requiring lower tire pressure. Might encounter stream crossings up to one foot deep. Moderate grades with single lane shelf roads possible. Sections with loose road surface should be expected.

5 - High clearance 4WDs are required. Stream crossing up to 1.5 foot deep. Expect mud and/or deep sand. Steep sections could cause traction problems. Possible narrow shelf roads with steep drop-offs. Expect tight clearance between obstacles such as rocks and trees.

6 - These trails are potentially dangerous because of large rocks, ruts or terraces that may need to be negotiated. Experienced 4WD operators only. Stream crossings greater than 1.5 feet deep with rapid currents possible. Unstable stream bottoms. Trail typically has steep grades, loose surface, narrow clearances with possible very narrow sections of shelf roads with steep drop-offs. Be prepared for challenging trail surfaces.

7 - Experienced 4WD only. Be prepared for very challenging sections with steep grades, loose surfaces, large rocks, deep ruts and tight clearances around obstacles. Wenching may be required.

8 and above - Damage to vehicles is likely. Trail may be impassible. Highly skilled and experienced 4WD operators only.



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