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Garmin GPS

Before we start talking about the Garmin GPS, I would like to tell you what this web site is all about.

It's about providing GPS routes, waypoints and full track logs for great byways, backroads and trails in the USA. Some of the GPS routes are free and others we charge for. The reason we charge for them is they took a great deal of effort to produce.

Garmin GPS III

My first Garmin GPS was a Garmin GPS III. I didn't have that particular Garmin GPS for very long. Shortly after I puchased it the Garmin GPS III+ was anounced with an upgrade program which I immediately took advantage of.
Garmin GPS III

Garmin GPS III+

I still use the Garmin GPS III+ in the production of our routes. I use it primarily for the 250 point saved track logs.
Garmin GPS III+

Garmin GPS V

The next Garmin GPS I puchased was the Garmin GPS V. I have to admit that of all the Garmin GPS units I use, the GPS V is my least favorite. Not because of the small screen but because of the lousy user interface.
Garmin GPS V

Garmin GPS eTrex Vista

The eTrex Vista was my next Garmin GPS. I carry this unit along with a small mount as back-up in case my larger unit fails in the field. I'm not real fond of the click-stick controller but the unit has been reliable. I use it to produce my 750 point saved track logs.
Garmin GPS eTrex Vista

Garmin GPS GPSMAP 176C

The Garmin GPS GPSMAP176C (C stands for color) was the next unit purchased. I really like this unit because of the speed of the processor and the size of the screen. I also like the user interface. It might have the best Garmin GPS user interface of all my units. I did have some difficulty seeing the screen when I was in a bright desert condition, like out in Moab, Utah. The problem only rises to the surface when the sun is behind the unit. I use this unit in the production of our 500 point saved track logs.
Garmin GPS 176c

Garmin GPS GPSMAP 176

I liked the Garmin GPS GPSMAP 176C so much that I puchased it's sibling, the Garmin GPS GPSMAP 176 which is the monochrome version. This is the unit I prefer for off road use. I haven't found a better unit for off road use to date.
Garmin GPS 176

Garmin GPS GPSMAP 276C

Last, but certainly not least, is the Garmin GPS 276c. This is my preferred unit for in vehicle use as well as use on a street motorcycle. It's just a fantastic unit. Even though the Garmin GPS V had auto-routing, I never took to it on that unit. The Garmin GPS 276c really got me going on auto-routing for street use.
Garmin GPS 276c
As I write this, it is 14 April 2005. I just read an article in the Kansas City Star about Garmin GPS signing up Yao Ming to be a spokesperson for them. In this article it mentions that Garmin GPS expects revenues in 2005 to top $900 million. Currently Garmin GPS has 797 employees. That's over $1 million in revenue per employee. I remember the way I felt about Micro$oft in 1982, I have a similar feeling about Garmin GPS now. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

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