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Great Divide In New Mexico

Lagunitas To Hopewell Lake
8,750 - 10,262
Hopewell Lake To Abiquiu
5,944 - 9,827
Abiquiu To Polvadera Mesa
6,062 - 9,303
Polvadera Mesa To Cuba
6,907 - 10,135
Cuba To Hunters Camp
6,148 - 6,906
Hunters Camp To Felipe Tafoya
6,377 - 6,663
Felipe Tafoya To Grants
6,411 - 9,077
Grants To The Narrows
6,369 - 7,024
The Narrows To Pie Town
7,026 - 7,749
Pie Town To Valle Vences
7,566 - 8,116
Valle Vences To Collins Park
6,887 - 8,115
Collins Park To Black Canyon
6,424 - 7,480
Black Canyon To Silver City
5,961 - 7,429
Silver City To High Lonesome
5,372 - 6,007
High Lonesome To Hachita
4,503 - 5,371
Hachita To Antelope Wells
4,347 - 4,721
Total Trail Miles (one direction): 659.19

This cd rom contains gps routes for the Great Divide in New Mexico Backroads. Each route contains a full track log. Track logs are provided in Max (maximum resolution), 250 Point, 500 Point and 700 Point saved track log sizes. Track logs are bidirectional where appropriate. Routes are compatible with Garmin, Magellan and Lowrance GPS instruments.

These route files are supplied in the following formats:

Garmin (.gdb)
GPS eXchange (.gpx)
Magellan Meridian SD
Magellan eXplorist SD

Magellan Mapsend
Magellan Mapsend Version 3
Magellan Mapsend Version 4
Lowrance USR (.usr)

G7toWin and G7toCE are available for free download here.


TrekNow GPS Route Benefits:

Save Time - If you value your time at all, you will spend more money just reading this statement than we charge for one of our GPS Routes. You don't have to do the research and work required to produce the routes.

Accuracy - All of our Backroads GPS routes are based on USGS Topo maps. The routes are done at the maximum resolution USGS 1:24,000. Where a discrepancy is found between the actual route and the TOPO map, corrections are made to the TrekNow route to reflect the actual route.

Freedom - With our routes you are given the freedom to do off-route exploration with the knowledge that by using your GPS tackback capability, you can return to a dependable route to your ultimate destination.

Predictability - By properly configuring your GPS, it can tell you exactly how far you have to go to the end of the a given route and even tell you how much time it will take based on your average speed. The way out is the way through. With our routes you can be certain that by following the route you will get to your desired destination. These routes eliminate navigation uncertainty. The route distances and technical ratings allow you to plan your trip so that you have enough fuel and time to complete the journey.

Security - Always let someone know where you're traveling. Print out the Route Sheets for the TrekNow GPS Routes you will be doing and give them to a friend along with the dates you will be traveling them. If you don't show up or contact them by a certain time then they can notify the appropriate authorities to go looking for you. The Route Sheets have the coordinates for each waypoint on the routes. You might want to invest in a Personal Locator Beacon with GPS capability so the authorities can be notified when a problem exists and where to find you.

TrekNow GPS Routes answer the question ...... Where to go?



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