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We understand that not everyone has the inclination or time to wade through the complexities of creating GPS routes with waypoints and full track logs. Our goal is to provide high quality, accurate electronic guides to the backcounty in Colorado and other states at a very affordable price.

Now you can reap the benefits of current and future global positioning technology without having to deal with all the complexity or making a major investment of time or money

Explore the routes on this web site to discover the routes we have available on CDROM. Thank you for investing your time exploring our product.

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Release 5.0

This cdrom contains gps routes for Montana Byways. Each file contains a full track log. Track logs are provided in maximum resolution saved track log size. Track logs are bidirectional where appropriate.

Note: With the release of Version 5.0 and above we are no longer providing an windows menu driven interface. Garmin has decided to discontinue the MapSource software product and its replacement BaseCamp (which is free for Mac and Windows) does not allow a similar programmic interface. We no longer support the printing of roll charts and route sheets. Not having to install software on your computer greatly simplifies the installation of this product. All you need to do is copy the appropriate files to your hard drive and use your software of choice to examine them and transfer them to your GPS.


These route files are supplied in the following formats: GPS eXchange (.gpx)



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