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Nez Perce Trail


A GPS guide to the Nee-Mee-Poo National Historic Trail based on the book "Following the Nez Perce Trail" by Cheryl Wilfong. This book is available here: While Cheryl does supply some GPS waypoints, what we are providing are complete high resolution track logs of the complete trail.

Cheryl's book provides guidance for three types of travelers:

The Mainstream Traveler - For peole in a hurry and for campers hauling trailers or large recreational vehicles.
The Adventurous Traveler - Back road drivers on country dirt or gravel roads and can be traveled by a passenger car during the summer months.
The Intrepid Traveler - A vehicle with higher clearance is recommended. Two track with grass growing in the middle is common.

The more difficult the trail the closer you will be to the actual trail taken by the Nez Perce.

Each of the GPS track log file names will begin with page number the section begins in the book followed by a 'M', 'A' or 'I' designating the type of segment.


GPS Routes of the Nez Perce Trail


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These route files are composed of track logs supplied in the following format: GPS eXchange (.gpx)



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