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Web Site Organization


The web domain is actually made up of multiple web sites. Site navigation is accomplished by selecting (clicking) links, like the ones above, and in certain cases text strings and images represent links.

TrekNow Home

This is where you are now. It’s the front door. Contained in this area are links to separate web areas arranged by State. Also contained in the Home area are a list of products available for purchase, information on books about back country routes, and some information about TrekNow G-Guides and other information about GPS utilization.

State Sites

All specific information about our G-Guide routes are contained in the State site where the real world route is located. Within each State are Back Roads and Byways. The Byways area contains G-Guide routes for passenger vehicles and street motorcycles. Back Roads are G-Guide routes that range from groomed gravel roads to technical 4X4 routes and single track motorcycle trails.

The Byways section within a State will list routes representing all the Byway G-Guide routes available in the State. The Route Id represents a web page for that specific route.

The Back Roads section within a State is further broken down into geographical areas. Within each geographical area is a list of all Back Road G-Guide routes contained in that area. The Route Id for each route will link to the individual back road route.

Links can be located at the top or bottom of the page. At the bottom of each page within a State is a link back to this TrekNow Home area.

Our priority has always been on producing high quality routes. Web page design and graphics remains secondary to route production. We would rather spend our limited time creating new high quality routes than spending that time on the web site. That being said, we realize that the web site must be easy to use.

If you find problems using the site or have ideas for improving it, please send them to the e-mail address below. Thanks in advance for you interest and suggestions.


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