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This product will be delivered via a compressed zip file as an email attachment to the email address provided to the PayPal account. If you want the track logs sent to a different email address specifiy the address in the text section of the PayPal payment screen or email the address to We are no longer shipping this product in cdrom format.

TrekNow products can be purchased via multiple methods. You can select the PayPal button below which will allow you to order products and pay for them via PayPal. PayPal no longer requires you to be a PayPal member to pay by credit card. The other method is to email us and tell us what you want to purchase and we will send you an invoice and you can pay by check. (Make sure the address on your PayPal ship-to address is correct)

Note: We are now offering our routes as GPX format maximum resolution files. When you purchase the product you will be emailed an attachment that is a compressed file (.zip) of all the individual track logs in .gpx format at maximum resolution. This will provide you with a more prompt delivery of the product at a much lower cost. The attached file will be in .zip format which you will copy to a folder of your choice on your hard drive and uncompress there. (In File Explorer right-click the zip file and select 'Extract All...') Garmin's free Basecamp utiltiy now has the option under Device Transfer option to specify the maximum number of track points per file so you can compress the maximum resolution tack logs to match your units requirements on import of the files if your unit requires a reduced number of track points per file.
TrekNow Routes
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Route Id Item Number Price  
Arkansas Arkansas Paved Backroads ARBW0600 $9.95
Arizona Arizona Paved Backroads AZBW0600 $9.95
Arizona Central Arizona Unpaved Backroads AZCN0600 $9.95
Arizona Northeast Arizona Unpaved Backroads AZNE0600 $9.95
Arizona Northwest Arizona Unpaved Backroads AZNW0600 $9.95
Arizona Southern Arizona Unpaved Backroads AZSO0600 $9.95
California Central Coast Unpaved Backroads CACC0600 $9.95
California Central Sierra Unpaved Backroads CACS0600 $9.95
California Central Sierra Unpaved Backroads CACS0600 $9.95
California North Coast Unpaved Backroads CANC0600 $9.95
California North Sierra Unpaved Backroads CANS0600 $9.95
California South Coast Unpaved Backroads CASC0600 $9.95
California South Desert Unpaved Backroads CASD0600 $9.95
Colorado Northern Colorado Unpaved Backroads CONO0600 $9.95
Colorado South Central Unpaved Backroads COSC0600 $9.95
Colorado Southwest Unpaved Backroads COSW0600 $9.95
Colorado Colorado Paved Backroads COBW0600 $9.95
Georgia Georgia Paved Backroads GABW0600 $9.95
Idaho Idaho Paved Backroads IDBW0600 $9.95
Idaho Idaho Unpaved Backroads IDBR0600 $9.95
Iowa Iowa Backroads IABW0600 $9.95
Kentucky Kentucky Paved Backroads KYBW0600 $9.95
Mississippi Mississippi Paved Backroads MSBW0600 $9.95
Missouri Missouri Paved Backroads MOBW0600 $9.95
Montana Montana Paved Backroads MTBW0600 $9.95
New Mexico New Mexico Paved Backroads NMBW0600 $9.95
North Carolina North Carolina Paved Backroads NCBW0600 $9.95
Oregon Oregon Back Country Discovery Route BCDR0600 $19.95
Oregon Oregon Unpaved Backroads ORBR0600 $9.95
Tennessee Tennessee Paved Backroads TNBW0600 $9.95
Utah Central Unpaved Backroads UTCN0600 $9.95
Utah Moab Unpaved Backroads UTMB0600 $19.95
Utah Northern Utah Unpaved Backroads UTNO0600 $9.95
Utah San Rafael Swell Unpaved Backroads UTSR0600 $9.95
Utah Southeast Unpaved Backroads UTSE0600 $9.95
Utah Southwest Unpaved Backroads UTSW0600 $9.95
Virginia Virginia Paved Backroads VABW0600 $9.95
Washington Washington Unpaved Backroads WABR0600 $9.95
West Virginia West Virginia Paved Backroads WVBW0600 $9.95
Wyoming Wyoming Unpaved Backroads WYBR0600 $9.95
Wyoming Wyoming Paved Backroads WYBW0600 $9.95
Multi-State Great Divide TGDR0600 $19.95
Multi-State Mississippi River Trail MRT0600 $9.95
Multi-State Nez Perce Trail NEZ0600 $9.95
Multi-State Pony Express Trail PXT0600 $9.95
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