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TrekNow History

Version 1.0 of TrekNow used an html interface and all roll charts and route sheets were supplied in .pdf format. The track logs were all reduced to 250 point saved logs. The main drawback to this release was that the pdf files required quite a bit of disk space and production of the pdfs was more labor intensive.

Version 2.0 of TrekNow was released with a programmatic interface which allowed the roll charts and route sheets to be printed out on demand which greatly reduced the amount of disc space required and production was more efficient.

Version 3.0 The largest enhancement in this release is the offering of active track logs along with 250 point, 500 point and 750 point saved track logs. The offering of different sized saved track logs along with the active log is needed to support the newer gps instruments being released which support greater saved track log sizes. This has greatly increased the time it takes to create products but we feel the improvements offered are worth it. All new products will be released at the 3.0 level and prior release 2.0 products will be upgraded as time permits.

The higher saved track logs sizes represent a higher resolution and accuracy of the track log presentation on the gps instrument.

Version 3.1 This release is currently being rolled out. With this release we support the MapSource .gdb file extension and eliminate the .mps and .mpx file extensions. We also have dropped support for the StreetAtlas .sa8 files because they are supported by the G7toWin product and the time spent creating .sa8 files for the value wasn't justifiable. Both MapSource and G7ToWin now support the .gpx file format which many other products support.

Version 4.1 This version is currently being rolled out. This version is built on the Microsoft .Net 2.0 Framework. The user interface was rewritten in C#. With this release we have done away with the numbered route files. Now all route files are referenced as meaningful named files. All maps are offered in jpg and pdf format. With Version 4.1 come CDs for Northeast Arizona Backroads, Central Arizona Backroads, Southern Arizona Backroads and Northern Utah Backroads. These new CDs have all passed beta testing and are currently being finalized as a release.

This web page will be used to provide links to support issues and tutorials as needed. Currently there are no support issues.





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