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I really think you are on to something with this concept. In the real world, maps and GPS maps do not allow one to travel thru the back country with the certainty that they are going the right way. No matter how many sources I purchase I am often left to pick between conflicting indications of which path is the thru route.

Your system of GPS tracks, roll-charts, and route sheets are right on target for those unfamiliar with distant parts of our county's vast public lands, to safely traverse with the knowledge that they are headed in a direction that takes them to their desired destination. With the increased availability of dependable back country transportation (4 wheelers, dirt bikes, ATVs) and the ever-increasing use of the back country, the information you offer is invaluable to those with wanderlust in their hearts.

Too darn bad you do not offer a product for Mac, yet.

I can see a future Scenic Byway, Backcountry Scenic Byway, Historic Byway, etc.. series of CDs also. The publication of these maps and information will also assist those so inclined to be able to prove-up the existence of historic roadways the Federal Government would otherwise deny and close for the benefit of future wilderness designations.


We use their CD's and have found them to be extremely informative and user friendly.
They are really a bargain at any price, a must have item.

PS----thanks for the CD-----I am absolutely in awe at the software you have created with the "Trek Now" stuff. Thanks again----man I wish I had this when I went out there, it sure would have saved me a lot of work !!!


Very fast delivery, great item, thanks!!!!!


Fast shipping, great communication. Would buy from again, recommended A+++++++


Great product and you can't beat the free S&H - A++++++++++


Great product and communication! Tracks loaded right into my GPS with Mapsource.


Fast delivery, no problems, product works as advertised, good seller!


Great product. Answered my call when I had questions. A+++


Thanks for all your help sending us to Colorado instead of the Can 2 Mex ride....we had a blast!!! And the scenery was just what you said it would be...did many trails, and probably going back in 2 weeks for more...many, many thanks!
Your cd was perfect, the routes outstanding, and no words other than praise from us! If you are ever looking for words of recommendations, let us know...we have many nice things to say about your product.

S & J

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